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  July 29,2020

A two day National Webinar On"Online Teaching: Strategies for Becoming an Engaging Instructor" was organised by ASPEE College of Home Science & Nutrition, SDAU, S.K. Nagar on July 29 and 30, 2020.

The objective of the webinar was to introduce the strategies & digital methods to teachers for effective online teaching.Over 400 participants register for the webinar from 23 states of India, and 120 participants actively attended the program. The programme was organised and managed by the Organising committee include Dr Neeta Khandelwal, Dr Simple Jain and DrPragayaDashora.

First Day: July 29th, 2020

Atthe beginning of the programme, webinar coordinator, Dr Neeta Khandelwal introduced and briefed about the objectives and scope of the webinar. Prof. Santosh Ahlawat, Dean, ASPEE College of Home Science & Nutrition opened the webinar with a welcome address and provided an overview of the webinar. Prof. R. K. Patel Hon'ble V.C., SDAU, S. K. Nagar was delivered Inaugural address and explained the importance of the webinar in present COVID -19 pandemic situations. The webinar consists of three technical sessions for each day.Dr Pragaya Dashora introduced the resource persons and Dr Simple Jain handled the interactive sessions.

In the first talk Prof. Dinesh K Gupta from the Central University of Haryana, Mahindragarh, provided a splendid insight on the topic "The scope and challenges of online teaching & learning in higher education" and given a review of the current scenario of online teaching pedagogy and various tools.

Prof. Vishal Kumar from Maharaja Agresen University H.P. presented the second session on "Role of the teacher as an engaging instructor in e-learning". He guided the participants meticulously about the transformation of a teacheras an e-learning designer which must be compatible with the online environment.

Dr DurgeshTripathi from GGSIPU, New Delhi talked about "Digital Teaching Method: MOOCs the next generation learning platform" in the third session.He explained how MOOCs use new media as a useful tool for education and online teaching.

Second Day: July 30th, 2020

Dr K.S. Kusumafrom JMI, New Delhi delivered the first talk of the second day on "Design and development of e-learning material". He discussed methods and practices to create e-learning material effectively.

Dr Harish Guptafrom Osmania University Hyderabad presented an informative overview of "Designing effective online assessment" in the next session. He elucidated assessment methods in education and utility of online assessment.

The last session was presented by Mr Saroj K. Mehta from Sonetass Media & Marketing Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi on "Effective production of the educational video". He described the basics of video production techniques and editing in a practical manner.

Thus,a total of six experts sessions were held in two days. Each session was followed by an interactive session for clarifying the doubts of the participants. Chat-based feedbacks were collected from all the participants. The successful programme ended with vote of thanks by  Dr Neeta Khandelwal.

According to the feedback provided by the participants, the webinar was very informative, timely & useful. Overall, the webinar offered participants an exciting opportunity to be exposed to digital teaching methods, e-learning design material, online assessment methods and would be helpful to training them as an interactive instructor on the online platforms.E-Certificates issued to the participants for the completion of the webinar.