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Expert Lectures by ISRO Scientists

  December 31,2019

The expert lectures of scientists from ISRO, Space Application Center, Ahmedabad were arranged on 31 December, 2020 at 10:30 to 13:30 at Prof. V. R. Mehta Auditorium, Sardarkrushinagar.The programme started with warm welcome of all the scientists and introductioray remarks. Dr. K. N. Chaudhary deliberated on space data application in different sectors in general and agrcultural sector in particular. He explained about different technology of space observation and their application. Dr. Shashikant Sharma and Dr. Markand Oza presented  the talk on "Vedas: a Geoportal of Space Apllication Centre and demonstated the practical utility of "VEDAS" in agriculture sectors. More than 150  scientist and students participated and interacted with experts. Dr. R. K. Patel, Hon'le Vice Chancellor; Deans and Directors of the University reminaed present and interacetd with the exper. The scientist also visited the university research stations and College of Renewable energy and Environmental engineering, and interacted with the scientists, faculty members and students.