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College of Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering Joined ADF Tech Expo

  January 3,2020

The College of Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering, Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural Univeristy, Sardarkrushinagar joined in ADF Tech Expo on 3rd January, 2020 at Gujarat University Convention & Exhibition Centre, Ahmedabad.On this occasion, the college organized a demo stall of key technologies developed under research initiatives on renewable energy for wide spread awareness and dissemination of the knowledge.

The expo was an endeavour to establish strategic partnerships in the agriculture, dairy, food-processing and packaging sector and to enable cross-platform knowledge exchange among the participants. Various agro based companies, government organisations, Agricultural universities and developed farmers participated to display the technological innovations. 

Fast cooking solar dish, efficient smokeless chulha, eco-friendly lantern, solar lawn mower, solar dryers, portable biogas plant were the innovation displayed by Faculty members of the college. The beneficiaries included among the entrepreneur, students, farmers and people from all walks of life. Farmers were informed about Sky scheme and smart solar irrigation system. The visitors were so motivated, that they were seen deliberating on solar rooftop scheme and for bright future of solar field.  

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