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Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University
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SDAU came into existence after quadruplicating of erstwhile GAU on 01 May, 2004 with jurisdiction covering seven districts namely; Banaskantha, Sabarkantha, Aravalli, Patan, Mehsana, Gandhinagar, and Kachchh. The main campus, Sardarkrushinagr located at foothills of ‘Aravalli’ mountain range is green, serene and picturesque place free form urban lub dub providing a perfect environment for education and research. The SDAU enjoys a top reputation among the learning and farming community owing to its multidimensional contribution towards education, research, and extension in the field of agriculture and allied sciences.

Apart from catering needs of competent human resources by imparting quality education, the prime focus is also on basic and applied research related to agriculture as well as the successful transfer of technologies through a strong network of extension education. The SDAU is functional through nine colleges of agriculture and allied sciences, twenty-five research centers, seventeen extension centers including three ‘Krushi Vigyan Kendra’ and five diploma polytechnics.

SDAU has a rich and diversified pool of student from across the country and abroad. The extraordinary performance of students at ICAR JRF/SRF, NET examination, and PSCs examination and their placement at a highly esteemed position in the professional sphere are added feathers in the crown of SDAU. In the modern era of information technology and skill development, the university administration and faculty are leaving no stone unturned in availing modern and sophisticated tolls of education, research, and discovery with an objective of fostering a culture of exploring the niche area in research in agriculture to serve the farming community in best possible way. The research strategies of SDAU gives more emphasis on improvement of resource management, good breeding approach, quality seed production, wasteland utilization, technology development for reclamation of problematic soil, salt-affected waterlogged or acidic soil, development of water stress varieties, rainwater harvesting, insect-resistant varieties, in situ moister conservation, protective cultivation, genetic improvement of native breeds of dairy animals, vaccine development, early warning /prediction of animal diseases outbreak based on epidemiological data analysis, exploration of novel diagnostic techniques and control strategies for animal diseases, improving productivity of dairy animals, small scale farm mechanization, use of renewable energy etc., The prioritized thrust area of research also includes artificial intelligence and robotics, precision agriculture, climate-resilient agriculture, ICT based agriculture, etc. blending the new era of technology and agriculture. The very efforts of researchers at SDAU are directed to resolve the local as well as global challenges and issues restraining the socio-economical progress and prosperity of the farming community. The front line research in the area of castor productivity, genetic improvement of native dairy breeds of livestock, integrated farming system to enhance the income of small and marginal farmers, new varieties in castors, vegetables, spices, wheat, pomegranate and date pam etc are prominent research contribution, having well-marked impact on farming community.